Four Things To Realize About Music

As anyone who knows me would be able to tell you, the one thing I am passionate about more than anything else is music (most particularly, young people learning about music, and learning how to play an instrument themselves), and because of this, one thing that gives me fits is when parents wonder why it would even be important for them to encourage their child to learn an instrument; while it is true that “learning an instrument” is not right for every single child, it is right for many children, and here are a few reasons why!

The first thing you need to realize is that music can be beneficial for the brain – and certainly, it is a much better way for your children to spend their time than for them to be sitting in front of a television set, watching TV shows or playing video games; when your child learns to play music, they will be exercising parts of their brain many people never exercise, and this will help them in many areas of their life down the road.

The next thing for you to realize about the value of music is that it can be great for your child’s discipline; if you are able to “encourage” your child to play an instrument and get them to make this decision on their own (rather than “forcing” your child to play an instrument!), you will find that the self-discipline required of them to succeed in this area will translate into other areas of their life as well, and will carry over into their future.

Speaking of your child’s future, this is another area in which music can help them; not only is music great for the brain, and great for discipline, but music can also open lots of doors for a person who has gotten to a point where they are proficient at their particular instrument – and whether these “open doors” are scholarship offers, avenues for making money, or simply opportunities to connect with other people, they will certainly be no bad thing.

And finally (perhaps the aspect of music about which I am most passionate of all!), you need to realize that music can be both affordable and fun; too many parents feel pressured into learning an instrument, and their parents do not know how to correct this, because they do not understand that music can be fun – but when you learn some of the things you can do to make music an enjoyable and exciting experience for your children, you will find that they are enjoying playing, and are wanting to learn more every day!