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What You Should Know About Music

Just about every teenager wishes they can become a big and famous rock star known throughout the world. This causes some teenagers to learn some instruments. Some learn how to play guitar, some learn how to play percussion or drums, and some learn how to play a music keyboard. A music keyboard is really popular because there are many different types with all of them being used pretty heavily in today’s popular music. They tend to have a nice, beautiful sound to the ears and can be used in any genre of music.

When it comes to owning a music keyboard, there are many different things that you should know about it. There are a variety of types that you could get and each type serves a different purpose. Some types of keyboards include digital keyboards, pianos, portable keyboards, clavinovas, and portable keyboards. Depending on your life style and music preference, there may be a certain type that you should buy.

If you are a classical music player, you should consider purchasing a piano. However, pianos can be very expensive so you may want to decide if you want to play this style of music. If you want to go a cheaper route, and are also interested in more of the modern style of music, then you will probably want to get a portable keyboard or digital keyboard. These two types of music keyboards are similar, except a digital keyboard tends to have more features in it than a portable keyboard. However, if you are a beginner in playing music, then these keyboards are not for you. You will want to find a music keyboard that is designed with beginners in mind. Many popular instrument companies create beginner models so you should ask about that when going to the store to purchase these.

Purchasing a music keyboard is a pretty easy task. You will just want to make sure you are getting the best kind for your money. You can find quality keyboards at just about every music store. There should be a music store in every city or town so you should not have any trouble finding one. Before making your purchase, you will want to research which model you want and the best way to do this is to go online. There are many resources available online, you just need to browse around in your favorite search engine. You can also purchase a music keyboard online, but it is suggested to shop at a store because the store should have some professionals to help you with making your decision.

If you are interested in playing a musical instrument, then a music keyboard is something that you should consider. This type of instrument works well for everyone as there are many different types to buy and you can find them pretty easily in any music store.

Is It Possible To Create Cool “New Age” Sounds On The Piano Without Knowing A Thing About Music

I’ll admit that for many years as a piano teacher I didn’t think so.

But in the last couple years I made a discovery about creating pleasant sounds on the piano that I never would have believed during my earlier piano teaching career.

I recall a physician friend asking me if I had any kind of course he could take that didn’t involve learning to read music or music theory or any of the traditional materials. He had purchased a beautiful Yamaha grand for his daughter to take lessons on when she was growing up, but now she was married and moved away, so he had this grand piano in his living room with no one to play it. He was much too busy in his career to take traditional piano lessons – he just wanted to “doodle” after work in the evening and relax after a stress-filled day at the hospital.

Unfortunately, I told him “no – I don’t have anything like that available – sorry!” and that was the end of that story.

But a few months later another student had heard a “new age” pianist somewhere, and loved the sounds he produced so much that they wanted to do the same, and asked me how in the world he got those sounds. They weren’t really songs – more like the sounds of nature and running water and nature in bloom.

I have taught piano for 30 years and I’m a firm believer in learning to read music, understand music, and really master the keyboard. I’m no fan of mindless “shortcuts” because I know in the long run they just don’t work – you’ve got to have understanding.

But I also know now that there are many people like my doctor friend – people that would love to be able to make their own “pleasant sounds” on the piano just for their own satisfaction, relaxation, and amusement. They know full well that they will never be full-blown piano players, but still, they would like to sit down now and then and just make some sounds on the keyboard that sound good, feel good, and give satisfaction to them and/or their family.

I should have understood that earlier, because as I think back to my own youth, I recall my Dad sitting down at our old upright piano for a half-hour on a Saturday night and playing some kind of chording pattern that absolutely delighted my Mom and my big brother and I. I guess you know that if I could call him back from Heaven and have him play that again for me, I wouldn’t trade the entire London Symphony for that half-hour.

There is a style of music that is quite popular these days known as “new age” music. It tries to capture the sounds of nature – water flowing, birds, wind – that kind of thing. It is very descriptive music, and very relaxing. It’s fun to play, too, because there are really no “wrong answers” – anything that sounds nice and pleasant is “right”.

After trying for several months to create some of these sounds on the piano, I was delighted to discover that there are some very simple finger patterns that can create some wonderful impressionistic sounds – patterns that can be repeated in various places on the keyboard and in various ways.

And so for those people who just want to make some nice sounds on the piano (or keyboard or synthesizer – it doesn’t matter what kind of keyboard) I discovered some 15 different sound patterns that anyone can duplicate. I named some of them:

Cascading waterfalls

Wind in the forest

Rainbow after storm

Oriental gardens

Stroll in a meadow

Peaceful morning

Playful kittens

Gentle waves

…and 7 others.

After I discovered each sound pattern, I then linked those sound patterns together in various ways so that anyone can create their own song, their own creative improvisation that expresses the feelings they want to express.

I guess an old doctor friend who just wanted to make some pleasant sounds on his grand piano can teach and old dog piano teachers like me a few tricks after all!

What Everybody Ought To Know About Music

Playing music can be your passion but when it comes to getting into it as a business the whole approach has to be very different. You can no longer be haphazard about it. You need to plan it well and ensure that you have proper goals that you want to achieve. Here are tips of how you can start giving a business angle to your passion.

First have a vision. This might sound very fluffy, but you need to know where you want to go with your business. Your vision is the most important part of your business and it drives your strategy. Make your vision statement as specific as possible and at the same time also leave room for maneuvering; so that you can make it all encompassing. For example: Vision statement can say “To Become The Top 10 Local Music Business Brand In 2 Years” rather than “To Become The Most Well-Known Music Teacher In Town”. The second statement is self-limiting and does not allow you to exploit any other aspect of the music business like giving live performance, selling music on internet etc. As you go along, you might find a lot of opportunities in areas you might have not dreamt of when you started. At that time, you want to ensure that your vision statement is as wide as possible. This will help you to identify these opportunities and not let them pass.

Once you have your vision done, set your goals and milestones. Setting goals requires proper planning. So if your goal is to have 20 full time students at your music institute in six months, you will need to plan your marketing and advertising campaigns to make this happen. However, if you have no milestones, you will just take everyday as it comes and not approach things with the same passion and vigour as you would if you knew where you were going. Having a goal will also prevent you from going astray and will help you look for options in case something does not work.

Once you have these set, next move to the brick and mortar aspects of the business. If you have a studio, ensure that it looks professional and has all the equipments required. Whether the studio is used for teaching students or composing your own songs make sure that it is fit for purpose. Actively market your facilities to your clients. Also try other means to reach out to your audience like internet, email marketing etc.

Developing a proper marketing plan is the next most important step. Explore all the options you have of marketing your services like flyers, adverts, free performance, Internet etc. Whichever mode of marketing you choose, it is important to plan your message well. So spend time to think of your advert copy and ensure that the message is succinct and to the point.

All About Music Education

Music education consists of the study of music. It is something that is profoundly human, and sets the human race apart from other creatures. Thus, if a person has a good knowledge and understanding of this art then it is considered to be a very high level of class and culture.

A good knowledge of music and even a basic understanding of playing a few instruments could help a person over a life time. It becomes your support against sadness, failure, happiness and solitude. This is the reason why most of us are advised to learn this art while we are young. It makes us feel much more alive in our old age, when we play the instruments and recall the music that we once loved.

Music education generally starts for children in school. Some kids are also taught this art by special teachers who can visit their homes. They taught the basics of music theory. In this process, they will be taught to recognise and reproduce the basic notes on various instruments, and their acoustic sense will be developed to identify different notes.

They also taught some lessons related to its history, so that students can learn and identify the evolution of this art through the ages, and appreciate the value of innovation. They will be taught to understand how different musical geniuses developed music through their creativity and passion, and how the most ordinary instruments have evolved to be the most basic parts of a band today. They are also taught simple songs through choirs and jingles.

The later levels of this education process further extrapolate on the basics. Students are taught about how they can take their music further to broader levels. They are given extensive training in higher education. Due to the beauty of the subject, and the eminent peace it brings, many people choose to study this subject as a vocation.